Readlists takes a group of links — articles, recipes, course materials, anything on the web — and bundles them into an e-book that can be read later on a Kindle, iPad or iPhone.

Readlists home page

A collaboration between the Arc90 Lab and Readability, Readlists is a fast flexible service for creating an e-book from any content you encounter on the web.

How does it work?

To create your own Readlist, click the ‘Make a Readlist’ button at Then, simply cut and paste a URL from any web article into the empty list you see. Give the collection a title and short description, click ‘Add’, and you’re good to go! Your e-book file will be beautifully formatted and available to peruse on your device of choice. Add as many articles as you like.


One list, many destinations

Once your Readlist is created, you can port it to a host of formats or send it along to your Amazon Kindle, iPhone or iPad. Along the left, you’ll find a host of options for exporting and sharing your Readlist:

  • Send to Kindle. Send an entire Readlist to your Amazon Kindle eReader or Kindle Fire device.
  • Send to iPhone/iPad. If you’ve got iBooks installed on your iPhone or iPad, send the Readlist as a book to iBooks.
  • Email e-Book. Send an ePub file to yourself or your friends. Many devices and apps support the ePub format for reading.
  • Download e-Book. Download an e-Book for yourself.
  • Share on Facebook. Share the Readlists with your friends or followers on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Embed. Similar to embedding a Youtube video, you can even embed a readlists into your own blog post or Tumblr page by pasting the code provided by clicking Embed.

Owning your Readlists.

If you’d like to own and manage your own set of Readlists, simply start by creating a Readability account (you can get a free Readability account here). If you already have a Readability account, select the ‘Log in with Readability’ option in the top right of the screen. Then, you can own and manage as many Readlists as you like.

Also, if you’d like to allow others to edit Readlists you’ve created, you can share a public edit URL. Every Readlist has one. If you share that URL, anyone can add to or modify your Readlist. Just be careful, that URL can be given to anyone.

Underneath the Hood

Readlists uses both the content and consumer API. Our Python API wrapper (available at communicates between Readability and Readlists including authentication handled via XAuth support in the API and API wrapper. Using XAuth allows us to authenticate the user without ever having to store their password.

Readlists is built atop the Readability API. If you’re interested in building apps like Readlists on the Readability platform, you can request an API key here.


We’d love to hear your feedback – chime in here!