Sass is awesome. At Arc90, our designers are all about making their CSS clean, manageable and fun. We’ve found the color functions for lightness, hue and saturation to be especially useful.

But there’s a problem. Using those functions requires you to recompile and preview your work every time you want to tweak a color. And often, you won’t get it right on the first try.

Enter SassMe. It’s a tool that allows you to put in a base color and use sliders to tweak the Sass functions lightness, hue and saturation right in the browser, no compiling necessary. And it shows you the before and after picture side by side, so you can get your color choices just right before grabbing the code.

Screenshot of SassMe

 You can use SassMe right now by visiting:

We hope you find SassMe as useful as we have. Got an idea to make this tool even better? Fork the code on GitHub and shoot us a pull request, or drop us a line on the Arc90 Blog.