Glimpse — A quicker way to get your web fix


The web is a wonderful place. We have instant access to more information than any other time in history. But sometimes it’s too much information. When all you want to do is grab a quick bit of info, like the weather or sports scores, it’s easy to get lost on sites that try to hook you in for ad revenue and make you work to get it—or, even worse, you could lose a few hours down a rabbit hole of tangental clicks.

A lot of sites have a mobile version that simplifies things, putting important information front and center. Sure, that’s probably just a side effect of designs based on other concerns, like limited time, or slow connections, but it’s super handy. We wanted to bring that ease of discovery to desktop and notebook computers, so we made Glimpse, a Chrome Add-On that helps do just that.

How it Works

Once installed, Glimpse lives on your toolbar. When you click it, an iPhone-sized pop-over appears—you can think of it as a mobile browser for your non-mobile browser. When you visit a site in it, the mobile version loads automatically, giving you quick, easy access to exactly what you were looking for, whether it’s your calendar, reminders, or even a simplified news feed. We recommend exploring and trying different sites out. You’ll be surprised by the lack of cruft and distractions.

Save your Faves

When you find a mobile site that suits your needs, you can save it to Glimpse. All of your saved sites are available with the click of a button anytime you launch the Add-On. Once you’ve added a few favorites to your list, you can quickly find the content you’re after whenever you need it.

Install Glimpse

Just visit the Chrome Web Store to install Glimpse with a quick click!

An Open Source Arc90 Lab Project

Glimpse is an open source Arc90 Lab project released under the Apache 2.0 license. Developers are welcome to play around by visiting the Github repo.

Glimpse is the eighth of a handful of projects to come out of the Arc90 2012 Hackathon. The Hackathon gives us the freedom and time to bend the web to our liking. If you’d like to learn more about how Arc90 can help your business, get in touch!